The Visitor


60 x 60 in | oil finger painting on canvas

"Duma and the Deer" was the original working title. And now I'll explain why.

I have a friend in Seattle, her name is Mari Cook. She's a scientist and lives on a property where deer and bears and coyotes and cougars have all been seen. It's lush, she specializes in native plant species so rather than having a "lawn" she has seasonal wildflowers. Her pets always seem to be as magical as she is. Duma the cat passed away several years ago, but Duma was to her like Foxy is to me. Quite unexpectedly the cat Duma actually had a relationship with a young local buck. They would greet each other regularly on the pathway between the barn and the house. Mari caught this photo of them looking at each other right before touching noses and sent it to me because she was so impressed with their sweetness. I saved it for 5 years in my folder marked "painting ideas", but I only recently developed the skills to be able to paint the subject matter. 


That said, there was not a blue orb in the original photograph. And the scene took place in the middle of the day, but I altered it to be a nighttime moment....

I happen to believe in Light Beings. I don't know if they're ancestors or aliens, but when I was a kid I used to regularly see orb-like benevolent mists move through the room. My parents did not see them. My sister would confirm they were there and they appeared as all colors, even pink, green or white. When I was 10 I told my 12 year old cousin Nathan about the "spirits" and very matter of factly he asserted that "those don't exist." It was like somebody just flipped a switch. I never saw them again once I believed he was right because he was older, and he could do so many things I could not, so he must be right? 

Now that I've grown up I've researched eye witness accounts about these orbs. I now believe they're an energy or a type of Being which exists in outer dimensions and can interface with our consciousness (if we choose to interface). I believe children are less hindered by societal filters and can "see" more of other dimensions until they learn not to. 

In an effort to enhance my own psychic energy I am now striving to paint imagery which legitimizes these instinctual tendencies I had as a child. I am trying to reconnect with my inner child, and my inner Knowing. I wasn't raised religious, but I do believe there's so much more to be discovered and it's all so thrilling to ponder. In my interpretation of this painting, the blue orb is a collection of little souls/light Beings, perhaps ancestors of these two living animals, the Deer and the Cat. The curiosity the deer and cat have for each other is rare and cosmic, perhaps even guided by their higher selves. 

To add more wonder to the story, Marie told me that one month after the photo was taken Duma died of old age. Mari buried the cat near the house and was moved to tears when she would witness the same deer not once, but multiple times, visit the little grave and smell it. 

The Earth is such a mysterious and magical place, and I believe there is SO MUCH going on with animals and ourselves we do not yet understand. I love this painting, and when I think of that little cat - or my cat Foxy - passing away it's just almost too much to bear. Animals are so special!