Mayura Peacock


36 x 36 inches | oil finger painting/brush painting hybrid

So it wasn't always intended to be a peacock....! It was originally a woman with her back to us pinning up her hair. My good friend Rochelle posed for the painting idea, but I was unable to execute her fingers with my own fingers! I learned that fine details like skin could not be accomplished with the tips of my fingertips, it was a frustrating but very illuminating lesson about the limitations of finger painting. Nevertheless there were parts of the half finished oil fingerpainting I loved. Now dry, pieces of her flowery shawl I couldn't bring myself to scrape off....So I scraped everything off the canvas except these fragmented pieces of blue and peach roses.

Right after I scraped the girl off the canvas

Right after I scraped the girl off the canvas

For 8 months the canvas sat in my studio bothering me, I knew there was a way to make a painting that utilized those dry textural fragmented pieces but I couldn't decide what! This was the FIRST finger painting I attempted to save with a paint brush. I propped the canvas up on the easel and began brush painting into it. I was a little scared, but also excited. I thought to myself that it might be really cool to have a hybrid finger-painting/brush painting for a change. After all it had been 9 years since I used a brush.

Not knowing or working about where the painting would go, I just started with greens, thinking it might become a botanical scene. I just let things flow. At some point I must have perceived what reminded me of a peacock feather because I began running with that theme. Leaning into this idea of a broken painting, I henceforth also broke my own rule  of no brushes. All bets were off! This painting would not be about fitting into my previous collection, it would be a new thing. The painting took on a microscopic perspective on feathers. So I turned up the music and let it flow. It's now one of my favorite pieces because it's not as literal as my prior works. I love how different it is.